May 8th Election Information

BRPS voters will see two items on the May 8th ballot.  

The OPERATING MILLAGE is a RENEWAL, not an increase, and does not affect homestead properties.  


Check out these FAQ's about the operating millage:

  • What is the annual operating millage renewal?

The operating millage renewal is to continue to levy the 18 mills on non-homestead properties.  Your principal residence is exempted by law.  The State of Michigan requires school districts to levy this tax in order to receive our per pupil foundation allowance.  

  • How is the operating millage renewal different from the bond proposal?

The operating millage renewal is NOT paid by those that only have a primary residence in our district.  The operating millage is levied on properties that do not qualify for the homestead exception (industrial, commercial, some agricultural and second homes.)

  • Why is the operating millage so important?

The operating millage comprises about $3.52 million of BRPSs’ operating revenues.  These funds are used to pay for staffing, purchase textbooks and classroom supplies, and operate the district’s school buildings.  The State of Michigan assumes school districts levy and collect the full 18 mills, and subtracts this amount from each districts per pupil allowance.  For BRPS, this is equal to more than $1,740 per pupil.  The state does not make up the difference per pupil if these local funds are not collected.  

Last November, voters in the BRPS District had the opportunity to support a bond proposal that would have made a tremendous impact on our schools and the Big Rapids community. It was narrowly defeated by seven votes.  While we were disappointed in the outcome, it was evident that many voters in our community saw the District's needs and understood what the proposal could bring to our students.  We also clearly recognized that we did not do a good enough job of communicating the information to residents in the district. 

We learned much from this experience.  After many discussions and listening to members of the greater Big Rapids community, we have decided to revise the initial bond proposal.  

Please use the resources on this page to get educated about the revised bond proposal, reach out to BRPS with any further questions or feedback, and VOTE on May 8!


Quick Summary

It is the vision of Big Rapids Public Schools to provide our students continued opportunities to achieve their highest potential for lifelong success.

The Board of Education is asking you to vote on a bond proposal on May 8, 2018 for improvements to address identified and ongoing needs.

This bond proposal will generate $24.9 million to provide for the continuing needs of our students. These needs have been categorized into three areas:

What will this cost? 


What potential impact will this have on academic performance?

Academic performance impact resources